What does it mean to be a GbyP Design?

Being an outdoor enthusiast - fisherman, backpacker, skydiver, motorcycle rider, cyclist, & all around macho guy - delivered the discipline and endurance needed for my life circa 2010. They called to me in a dream. And my adventures shifted from the mountains of the Pacific Northwest to my mind and soul.

And I became...

I can hear your mocking: lazy pandas providing guidance?? Pandas are true bear - carnivores with teeth and claws - that have been known to attack man if provoked. There is much mystery and myth surrounding the relic species Giant Panda. Emperors considered them a rare and noble beast. Some said they had the ability to turn into fierce fighters against evil - monsters of the forest. A 99% vegetarian carnivore? Perhaps to lull dark predators into complacency and defeat. Black and white coloring? Perhaps to be invisible in the transition from light to dark. Why such deception from cute, lazy fluffballs?

Because myth has basis in reality - Pandas are not as they seem. My training with them was grueling and pushed me to the brink of sanity. They taught me to explore deep into my mind; I free-fell through dark chasms of my soul. They taught me to relentlessly track, overpower, and defeat my fears.

I have since faced & overcome many challenges and now I share my interpretations with you through Photoshop and free-style painting. In my art you will find humor, twisted mundane, and heartbreak too.

Life is short. Stop to smell the skunk cabbage, pursue your passion, or just have fun!

Misfit Squirrels

And while you are touring digital arts neighborhoods, why don't you check out creations by a bunch of Misfit Squirrels? This digital arts community I founded in 2010 was home to a talented group of professional and amateur artists. Their work can be admired via the site main menu and includes:

  • a community showcase
  • tournament galleries
  • site collaboration images
  • and galleries of featured artists


Finally, this site has an audio player that currently shuffles 2 tracks. The button in lower right corner turns player on/off. The panda thematic tracks are: